Lightshow 2019

This was not a good year….

2019 was the year where we found out that water and electronics do not mix well. We had finished setting up the equipment, tested the show and was ready to go. By that time I had purchased a second E682 online. The first card was in the safety of the garage but the second was sitting in a waterproof box.

These boxes work great when they are closed and sealed. Unfortunately the box was left open on a day that it rained. We did not discover until later that night that the box was open.

In retrospect, I could have rewired the entire show to run off of one card but I am pretty sure that would been a very difficult undertaking. Based on the number of props, I likely had outgrown the 16 inputs the E682 had.

Lessons to share

  • Check and double check that boxes are closed and sealed.
  • Use cable glands (where possible).
  • For small holes, use silicone on both sides to keep water out.
  • For large holes, I use duct tape seal up the hole and silicone to fill in the gaps.
  • After the first rain, double check all the boxes for any signs of moisture. If you are feeling a little paranoid, run the water hose over your equipment box and see if you see any noticeable leaks.