Lightshow 2021

Every year we add a little more to get the show where we want it. This year we added



Singing Faces

But the big addition was were the P10 panels



  • Falcon Controller F16V3
  • 2 Falcon Expansion Boards
  • 5 Smart Receivers
  • About 5000 RGB total pixels
  • Pocket Beagle
  • 21 P10 panels (10,752 LEDs)
  • Total individual lights nearly 16K

  • Custom 8 minute mix of songs
  • Christmas Everyday (provided by XLATW)
  • Into the Unknown (provided by XLATW)
  • Dynamite by BTS
  • Blinding Lights by The Weekend
  • Save your tears by The Weekend
  • You make it feel like Christmas (provided by XLATW)
  • 2 comedy segments downloaded from the public Xlights shared sequences repository

Images from the 2020 Setup

Show video is coming soon