Lightshow 2020

After the open box disaster of 2019, it was time to start over with all kinds of new stuff.

From an expansion standpoint, this was a pretty big year. We added a 9ft 1200 pixel Megatree. Two 5ft x 5ft grids were added to the show and placed over the downstairs windows. Each of these grids had 900 pixels each.

The physical layout also changed. The candy canes were moved from lining the driveway to the middle of the yard. The tree was placed on the left side of the house and surrounded by 4ft tree with stars. The smaller mini-trees from the 2017-2018 seasons were retired

Lastly, the decision was made to migrate from using Vixen for sequencing to Xlights. Vixen is excellent software and is still recommended to use. For my purposes it just made sense to use Xlights based on the integrations offered with the Falcon hardware and Falcon Player



  • Falcon Controller F16V3
  • 3 Smart Receivers
  • 9 Strips of 5050 SMD Ribbon
  • About 4300 RGB total pixels
  • Custom 13 minute mix of songs
  • Christmas Everyday (provided by XLATW)
  • Into the Unknown (provided by XLATW)
  • Greatest Show (provided by XLATW)
  • Blinding Lights – by the weekend

Images from the 2020 Setup

2020 songs